About the Staff

St. James Day Care has five regular staff members. These are supported by substitutes when necessary. All are certified as B.C. Early Childhood Educators and are trained and certified in First Aid. They have had criminal record background checks.

The Day Care staff are members of the BCGEU and are active in various day care advocacy groups. In 2007, we became a founding member of the Vancouver Westside Early Childhood Development Hub.

The staff roles are structured to ensure constant supervision and involvement with the children. The Senior Early Childhood Supervisor handles administrative duties and the Team Leader runs the day to day program. The Team Leader also steps in if the Senior Early Childhood Supervisor is absent.

In addition to the regular staff we periodically have practicum students from the various colleges who observe and take part in the program.

The staff at the day care are dedicated to the children and are aware of the important role these early years play in the whole development of the individual child.

St. James Day Care provides a loving, secure and exciting environment for your child. It is an environment conducive to learning and growth in all areas of development. St. James Day Care provides the safe surroundings that children need in order to learn to trust in their abilities. We foster independence and high self-esteem through a ”Kind Acts Project” where children participate in kind acts for each other and for the community.