Emergency Student Comfort Kit

Emergency Student Comfort Kit

Dear Families,

In order for the childcare centre to provide comfort to the children during an earthquake or any other disasters with stressful experiences, our licensing officer requires each child to have a comfort kit.

Our Board of Directors, which is made up of parent volunteers has decided that the daycare will purchase one for each child. The content of the kits has a 5 year shelf life, and the Board has decided that the kits will remain as a part of the daycare emergency preparedness item. The daycare will replace the kits when they expire.

Our comfort kits are purchased from F.A.S.T. The items are packed in a waterproof resealable heavy duty zip pack, which includes water, food, a light stick and emergency blanket.

Only one thing you will have to do:

You can add a family photo and/or a letter to your child (it offers comfort to them and an idea of what they might expect and we will read them to the children). They will be placed in a Ziploc bag along with emergency cards.