Charitable Status of St. James Daycare Centre

Dear Parents:

Charitable Status of St. James Daycare Centre

We’ve had some questions about whether St. James Daycare is a registered charity. The answer is yes! That means that you are able, if you wish, to allocate some or all of any donation you make to the United Way, or (for those of you employed by the provincial government) to the Provincial Employees Community Services Fund (PECSF), to St. James. Similarly, if you wish to make a donation directly to St. James, you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount. All money donated to St. James will go directly towards the operation of the daycare.

For those of you who decide to allocate United Way or PECSF funds to St. James, you must specify the full name and charity (registration) number for the daycare:

St. James Day Care Centre

Board of Directors
St. James Daycare